While at GUCI, campers participate in a variety of activities including athletics, adventure, arts, swimming and more. Our activities focus on skill development, cabin bonding and personal enjoyment. We are constantly working to make our programs fit the wants and needs of our campers and to fulfill the values based mission of Goldman Union Camp.

Alpine Climbing Tower
Canoeing at Eagle Creek

Israeli Dance
Creative Services led by campers
Unique Shabbat Experience
Israeli Culture
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training
Jewish Culture and History
Shiur/Limud (Jewish Education)
Spirited Song Sessions

Yom Sport
Bunk Night
Tikkun Olam (Social Action Projects)
July 4th Carnival and Fireworks
Cookouts and Campfires
Special Unit Programs
Song Sessions
Evening Programs

Two Swimming Pools
Two Waterslides
Aquaclimbing Wall
Swimming Instruction
Daily Free Swim

Arts & Crafts
Creative Writing

Macheniem (Israeli dodge ball)
Outdoor Games

A Typical Day At GUCI

At GUCI, there is really no such thing as a “typical day.” Every day is filled with different and exciting activities that always keep you on your toes. That being said, if there was a “typical day,” this is what it might look like to Hannah, our fictional camper:

Wake up: “Boker Tov, GUCI!” rings over the loud speaker and Hannah’s eyes pop open, ready for another exciting day at camp! Her counselors make sure that everyone is awake, brushing their teeth and getting dressed to go to roll call.

Roll Call: Hannah and her cabin mates meet up with the rest of camp to sing the morning prayers and hear the schedule.

Aruchat Boker (breakfast): Hannah joins her cabin at their cabin table. The song leader leads the camp in the Motzi, the prayer before meals. All meals are served family style. During breakfast Hannah talks with her cabin mates and counselors about all the exciting activities coming up in the day. After everyone is finished eating Hannah helps her cabin clear the table. Then the entire camp joins in the Birkat Ha’mazon, the prayer after meals, followed by a rousing song session.

Nikyon (cleanup after breakfast): Back at the cabin, Hannah first cleans her individual area in the cabin before moving on to her assigned job for the day; whether it’s to sweep, clean the porch, grounds, or another task, Hannah does her part. Once Nikayon is over, Hannah goes with her cabin to the next activity.

Shiur (creative, Judaic educational programs): This is the time were Hannah and her friends learn about Judaism. But it’s not like school: the counselors and rabbis find fun and creative ways to teach the subjects. In fact, Hannah enjoys learning about Judaism and discussing topics that are relevant to her life. It makes her proud to be Jewish and creates an even stronger bond between Hannah and the others in her unit.

Daily Activities: Hannah makes sure to be on time for all of her daily activities. After Shiur her unit goes to the Oolam for Arts & Crafts, and then to Sports, where they play kickball and Gaga.

Aruchat Tzohorayim (lunch): Back at her cabin’s table in the dining hall, Hannah joins the entire camp for the meal and song session.

Menucha (rest hour): After lunch, the entire camp heads back to their cabin for an hour of relaxing. Hannah might play a quiet game in her bunk, take a nap, or use this time to write letters to tell her family and friends how much fun she is having at camp.

Afternoon Activities: Activities in the afternoon include swimming, as well as "Chaveroot," or cabin time (Hannah’s counselors plan fun programs for the cabin each day), and arts interest groups called “Chugim.” Hannah might choose to participate in drama, art, ceramics, creative writing, photography, video, dance, guitar, or special sports Chugim. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn new things with your camp friends.

Aruchat Erev: Dinner & singing

T’fillah (creative worship): After dinner the entire camp walks down to the outdoor chapel for services. Hannah finds services to be inspiring. It is a nice way to wind down and reflect on the busy day. She is looking forward to the day when it is her cabin’s turn to create and lead services.

Evening Program: Hannah loves spending time with the other kids in her unit during evening programs. The counselors do such a great job at planning fun games and activities during this time. Evening Program is always some kind of social game or outdoor experience. It’s a fun way to end the program day.

Lights Out: Hannah makes sure to brush her teeth and wash up before bedtime. She always knows that her counselors are there to help her if she needs them. Tonight her counselors brought in a special guest to play the guitar and sing a few songs for lights out. As she falls asleep she thinks about all fun things she did today, and all the new friends she made.

Shabbat: On Friday afternoon we end our regular programs early in order to shower and get ready for Shabbat. Later we greet the Shabbat with a beautiful walk around camp following our song leaders. Then we gather in the outdoor chapel for a special Shabbat service written and conducted by campers. Dinner is always wonderful on Friday evening. We sing the Shabbat prayers and enjoy a great dinner. After dinner Hannah and the rest of the camp sing out in an enthusiastic song session that ends beautifully with candles burning on the tables and the lights out. Following some Israeli folk dancing, she heads down to the campfire with the rest of the camp to end the night with more songs and a story told by a faculty member around the fire.

Saturday is a special day in camp. Hannah chooses to participate in activities offered only on Saturday and spends some time relaxing around the pool in the afternoon. We end Shabbat with a beautiful Havdalah service and then a fun, social evening program.