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Conversation Cards for the Car Ride Home

It seems like just yesterday we opened our gates for our Kallah Aleph campers. Now, in just a few short days Kallah Bet will come to a close. Sunday morning kids will return home with new experiences and lifelong memories. With 26 days packed full of excitement, learning, and fun, the open ended question “how was camp?” will just allow you to scratch the surface of what your happy camper just lived. Here are a few pointers on how to gain a better look into the Magical World of Goldman Union Camp:


Your happy camper saw a few photos of themselves the night before during the slideshow following friendship circle. However, that’s nothing compared to the thousands taken over the course of the month. Save photos they’re in onto your phone or even print them out so they can flip through them during the car ride or when they return home. Ask them about the friends in the pictures, what was happening as it was taken. Since they haven’t seen most of these, it will jumpstart their memories on little moments and exciting programs.



Quickly review the letters your camper sent over the last month. Make a mental note of the names mentioned, as well as any trends. Maybe sports were frequently mentioned or a particular meal or they really love the crazy rafts at the pool. If they wrote about it, your camper will likely love to talk about it too.



GUCI uses a lot of Hebrew to name locations on camp as well as events. Find the complete GUCI Dictionary here. This way, while your camper races between stories you can get lost in their adventures instead of wondering what the Oolam is by learning a few GUCI-isms.


At the end of the day, you know your camper best— how to sit back and listen as they talk a million miles an hour about the Etgar, drama games, bunk night, and more or how to shape follow up questions for the sleepy kid in the backseat. We loved spending the summer with your camper and building a holy community. We can’t wait to see you next year!